Low Pressure System

by R.Y.A.N. ・Surfin Serf

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    Split release from Sacramento electronic artists R.Y.A.N. (visual artist Ryan Rocha) and Surfin Serf (Orlando-born pop warlock Byron Lynch) for their April 2016 Pacific Northwest tour of the same name.
    Bandcamp-exclusive vocal cut of R.Y.A.N.'s "Know" featuring Surfin Serf included with download.
    Surfin Serf

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released April 16, 2016

Cover illustration by Ryan L Rocha / Layout by Keanan Evers



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Track Name: Surfin Serf - Que Se Yo
sobrin', brighten the scene. surprise: no screen means new sun up. this new daybreak: what cream. soft still, the night. slow-cooked dye first colors the new close cloak. might be most of your life. starred-up weeks turn pages. sail by a map-drafted tale. start a page for one who says "yes." i started charting, called by the sky to sneak out, seasoned by high, dark sea. start cold, end so. time cool and warm with the light is what's right. glow all through the night. sew i, anticipating your arrival. woven six, funny thread fits this type. page turn. new tubes let ink fly through in the night for new sight. sea of black depths, share your light. spill forth. pour your obscure treasure on the shore, water-born. swim through all of your life. wet once before, myself; never thought we'd be this wet now, but water sustains through life. hold. touch. that hearty bump is a pulse born from mom time would bury. let it try. say i, "k, d.n.a., you'll surface whether in body or mind." at the same time, coming to realize this vessel you may one day ride. catch the light wave - ride time. shades come and go. don't lose sight of colors that you know. dyed right takes the right time. red hot, once read archetypes, arched backs, create your dark type. finding knight taste takes time. slow weight accumulates when you might want the light. see, a ripe taste rides time. say "aye," come what may. what do i know? there's but one search: for the right place, right time.

i remember now when the party started. night flew by to see a family pause before play on the new big screen. set straight on the driveway to the parkway to the inlaid marble in a room in ponce. an art mastered in labor leaves its flavor. pass it on with a little light to take it back to the sea. high flights found their four feet on the ground when, from the pocket, the little egg whispered out, "come see me.” here's me on the mainland, work on my suntan. gotta wait patiently for the ever-ripening berry. staying thirsty while watching watery folk walking by. no sipping. keep it cool until she says ready. dream team charging up in quiet darkness, hiding light inside that still faintly wants to know, "do you see me?" one day, maybe while dark and cold surround, from inner pouch the bell will sound for a billion little heat seekers - get me? racing head first as brothers, sisters fight and fade. the ones rubbed out too soon call out, "oh, avenge me!" as time runs out, one hears the shout and gets the message, hidden in a way for all time - "come get me!"
Track Name: Surfin Serf - Abracadabra - Thumbs!
the same old lady in the mansion that once told me "i feel like a 94 year old little boy." said "what a back-breaking life it's been, carrying around this air-conditioning. thank god right here's everywhere I've got left to go." the clouds are snow and the snow is clouds. abracadabra - i learned to kiss from momma bird feeding her baby a worm. nothing's harder to find in life than quiet and then you gotta hide in quiet till you find what's hidden in it. sit on your hands and wait till you have no hands, count on your thumbs. you'll be doing your all of your deep thinking with your belly. i’d visit her often in quick infinite slow moments. she'd hand me candy after candy and laugh and laugh, "i'm just trying to make everyone here happy - it's just the devil in me, i guess." i'd get stuck spinning in her wallpaper, and it'd seem just like we were sitting wrapped up in gift wrapping paper. so this room is the present. abracadabra - the present is a gift beyond take or give that we can't name or know, but bird tracks in snow.
Track Name: Surfin Serf - On The Run
it's me on the run / yeah man, you see me - i run / trust you can't see me cuz i've gone // i be on the run / a dog truly on the run / fork in me clean cuz i'm done // oh yeah it's me on the run /praise, i stay on the run / thinking you see me but i'm gone // it's me on the run / yeah man, i be on the run / may look like i'm here but so long // it's me on the run / oh god keep me on the run / added up but hide from the sum // you see it me on the run

singing this song most of my life / un-timelines spinning through my mind / won't see web till it's too tight // and if i slowed it down tonight / and let those fingers swallow mine / or swaddle - healing fire // would it be so bad to say bye? i see your wet eyes. i won't leave till it's time. the miis i'm not now hold the signs / lobby for council body-wide / motionless, frozen, i // i need to see you all in time / i'll make dinner seven is fine / call if you've another design // let's keep the lines flowing, my friends // même si me catch the second wind